The South African Archaeological Society, also known as ArchSoc, is a registered non-profit organisation. Membership is open to anyone with an interest in archaeology. The Society promotes archaeological research in southern Africa and makes the results available to its members and the public through lectures, outings, tours and publications.

Image © Mapungubwe Museum, University of Pretoria

About Us

The South African Archaeological Society was founded in Cape Town as the Cape Archaeological Society in August 1944 by Professor John Goodwin. The aim of the South African Archaeological Society, as set out in our constitution, is to bridge the gap between professional archaeologists and people from all walks of life who enjoy the subject.


Malapa platform launched

15 September 2014

“The Malapa structure is perhaps one of the most remarkable structures ever to be placed over a palaeontological or archaeological site”


Membership of the Society offers many opportunities for people to share knowledge and increase their understanding of the history of the many peoples who lived in southern Africa over the past 3-million years.


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