Kent Bequest

The late Dr Leslie Kent, a long-time member of the South African Archaeological Society in Johannesburg, left a generous bequest to the Society in 1992. The terms of this bequest are that the proceeds must be invested and the income, which will amount to approximately R9 000 per annum at current interest rates, be distributed from time to time at the discretion of the Society for the following:

  • Financing field work or expeditions to undertake research according to guidelines laid down by the Society.
  • Making grants available to individuals or groups of individuals engaged in research, the subject of such research to be approved by the Society.
  • Publishing, or supporting the publication of research results, whether or not the research has been financed by the Kent Bequest.
  • Awarding prizes for meritorious work in archaeology, especially by young researchers.

The Society has appointed a Kent Bequest Committee and invites applications in 2011 for awards in all categories.

The members of the Committee are Dr J Deacon (Secretary), Mr Reinoud Boers, Professor TN Huffman, Dr T Maggs, Professor I Pikirayi and Mrs L Wynne.

Please read the following guidelines and instructions carefully before completing the application form.


The following guidelines need to be taken into consideration when applying for the Kent Bequest:

  • The work must be conducted in South Africa.
  • The subject matter may include archaeological work of any kind that enhances our knowledge of the lifestyle of humankind in southern Africa, such as excavation, rock art recording, site recording, artefact or faunal analysis, identification of plant or animal remains, dating, surveys, physical anthropology, analysis of archaeological collections in museums, experimental archaeology, archival or bibliographic work.
  • Proposals may also include publications for public education and community awareness projects that popularise archaeology.
  • The Kent Bequest will contribute to fieldwork or printing expenses only, not costs involved in analysing results, or writing or editing reports or publications.
  • Applications for publication must be accompanied by two quotations from printers.
  • Preference will be given to researchers domiciled in southern Africa.
  • Preference will be given to researchers starting a career in archaeology.
  • Successful applicants will be required to donate one copy of reports or publications to the Society’s library, one copy to the South African Archaeological Bulletin for review and, in the case of publications, one copy to each of the Society’s four regional branches.

Application forms are available from:

The Secretary
South African Archaeological Society
PO Box 15700

E-mail: .

Applications must be submitted before 30 April each year.

Applications will be refereed by specialists. The applications and referees’ reports will be evaluated by members of the Kent Bequest Committee. The successful applicant/s will be notified by the end of June each year.

To apply, please download the application form.