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Anyone can join the South African Archaeological Society (ArchSoc).

Membership of the Society offers many opportunities for sharing knowledge and increasing understanding of the history of the many peoples and their ancestors who lived in southern Africa over the past 3-million years.

All members automatically receive copies of the South African Archaeological Bulletin (published in June and December each year), the Goodwin Series (published occasionally) and The Digging Stick (published in April, August and December).

All South African members automatically become members of the branch nearest to them and will receive notices of lectures and outings from the branch. Members in good standing may apply for a password to gain internet access to back issues of the Bulletin and Goodwin Series on online academic archive JSTOR

Members of the South African Archaeological Society agree to observe The Constitution and Rules of the Society and any branch of which they are a member. They accept that participation in any activities of the Society or its branches is at their own risk.

Period of membership: Our year runs from January to December. Members joining between September and December of any year, however, pay the following year’s rate for their category. For that, they will receive the December Bulletin and The Digging Stick for the year in which they join, as well as information on branch activities. Their membership is valid for the full period of the following year as well.

2013/2014 Rates

 Ordinary Member (Single)    R265.00                    
 Joint or Family  R280.00 
 Junior Member  R200.00 – a discount of R65.00
 Local Institutions  R550.00                          
 African Ordinary  R320.00                          
 African Institutions  R550.00                         
 Overseas Member  R550.00 *
 Overseas Institutions  R1050.00 *

* Please add the equivalent of R100 to cover bank charges.

All membership dues must be paid to the Head Office in Cape Town, not to branches. Payment may be made by internet transfer, or by crossed cheque or postal order made payable to the South African Archaeological Society.

African and overseas members may pay by credit card – name on card, card number, expiry date and CVC number must be supplied with the completed application form by fax.

Banking Details

Direct deposit: SA Archaeological Society; Standard Bank of South Africa; Rondebosch branch; branch code 025009; current account number 07051 0121.

Postal address: SA Archaeological Society, PO Box 15700, Vlaeberg,  8018, South Africa.

Please fax proof of deposit to for the attention of: Archaeological Society, or e-mail it to .


Fax to email:

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